Welcome to the site for La Motte en Provence

The site intended for those people, which have a soft spot for South France and particularly for the Department of var.

“mottoise.com” Is a site, who wants to try to give information about the Var and, in particular, on the wine village of La Motte en Provence. Holiday, living, eating, drinking and for those who want to swap to the rainy North the warm sunshine in the South, we will also try what to do to real estate. At the moment we are working on the site, to provide you with the necessary information, so daily changes can occur. We offer our apologies for this small inconvenience. Initially we will only report in Dutch and later on finish the other languages. To facilitate the search we will work in chapters.


A chapter on wine, in which we talk about: wine-worth knowing, the Provencal wines and grape varieties for red, white and rosé wines as well lay-on red wines and white wines from the Provence. And last but not least the wineries of La Motte en Provence.

A chapter, where to spend the night, called: suitcase-worth knowing, in which we give you an idea where you might spend the night in the quiet wine village La Motte en Provence.

A chapter on what you are able to visit in the surrounding area, called: Trip-worth knowing.

A chapter about life and living in the Var, called: living/worth knowing, in which for those who want to stay for a longer time or possibly to settle, the available properties. And finally a chapter filled in by visitors to the site, in which stories about the Var and recipes from the Var will be placed, called: Var-worth knowing.